[be my eyes] gaip @ testing grounds and here comes jordan

[Be My Eyes] GAIP @ Testing Grounds and here comes Jordan. 29, June was windy and rainy. I walked from my apartment towards Testing Grounds, against the winds and rain, wondering if the collaboration would halt due to the weather. When I got there, Ren was stroking his guitar, chatting with another fellow Rob. Rob was a wonderful musician and he became my eyes both bodily and musically, so did Ren. It's the longest duration performance I've ever had, two hours straight, no resting. Some people from the knitting group in Testing Grounds that day posed a lot of interesting questions. That's another story and I'll write some more soon. They're all crazy fellows there in GAIP I'd tell you, jus

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I acknowledge that I live and work within, and am a temporary custodian of land that belongs to the Wotjobaluk people. I pay respect and homage to Wotjobaluk elders past and present on behalf of all GAIP participants. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the original inhabitants of the lands we pass through during our performance collaborations and do our utmost to care for these places.