THIS Ens. little trip?

Perhaps somewhere between the 6th - 8th of June it might be feasible for some of our ensemble to take a little trip together to the Horsham "Art Is . . ." event for some surreptitious, condoned intervening, maybe taking in a detour to Castlemaine (Gabi's aunt). The conversation has begun . . . . Let me know if you're interested. If there's a few who want to travel maybe hiring a small bus might be the way to go and/or our own car(s).

under the circumstances

A note of thanks to all THIS Ensemble participants for fridays event at Cross St. I am fascinated to see and listen to where this group travels. The tone of the space we created on friday was gentle and attentive, it is really inspiring. I was so pleased with the ‘enabling strategies and constraints’ that I was tentative about introducing. I am tentative because i do not wish to interfere with the organic evolution of our relationship. But I particularly enjoyed the one minute pauses for emptying the mind. These formulations of stillness provide a visual and experiential counterpoint to the sonic and kinetic intensity. I am also delighted by our adaptability in working with new co-performers

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I acknowledge that I live and work within, and am a temporary custodian of land that belongs to the Wotjobaluk people. I pay respect and homage to Wotjobaluk elders past and present on behalf of all GAIP participants. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the original inhabitants of the lands we pass through during our performance collaborations and do our utmost to care for these places.