rant #5

I make Australian music ? I know where my creative expression is gradually beginning to emerge from – the land. The land is not separate from its people. However, being a genetic newcomer, a descendant of invaders, an uninvited guest to this land, challenges my developing relation. I can feel the land in my music, in my work. This feeling has not always been there. This feeling, this equation feels simple. But can I legitimately, publicly claim such a notion? In the face of ongoing injustice against the land’s original people by my genetic culture, it is not a simple declaration on my part. Public pronouncement aside, the connection, the relation to land feels deep and real. When an audience

rant #4

What happened to the neutral sonic space ? Sounds organised by musicians through acoustic, mechanical or electronic sources then electronically recorded and replayed through amplified loud-speaker systems in public and semi-public spaces, are ubiquitous in our urban environment. I do not know why this is so. I do know that the occupation of our shared aural environment by these sounds both oppresses my ears and antagonises my brain. On occasion the way the sound is organised or its insistent repetition can take me to the precipice of and into violent rage. One contributing reason as to why this might be so for me, is that during those extreme reactions I feel that the sounds are violating my

rant #3

Following on from a couple of 'opinion pieces' written last year, I'm persisting with more in 2020. These blog texts differ from the others on this page in that they are not reports on events but rather "rants" on certain topics (or non-topics !) that motivate me at the time. So begin a series of rants. Note: I employ quotation marks to note that the word or phrase is contentious, needs further clarification, etc. with the hope that the general thrust of my view will be comprehensible without detailed analysis of terms (although this would also reveal much about my own aesthetic position). Indeed, most of the text could be within quotation marks, in that regard ! Many “artists” I have viewed

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I acknowledge that I live and work within, and am a temporary custodian of land that belongs to the Wotjobaluk people. I pay respect and homage to Wotjobaluk elders past and present on behalf of all GAIP participants. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the original inhabitants of the lands we pass through during our performance collaborations and do our utmost to care for these places.