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ren walters

photographs of visual works that have been made largely over the past two decades

visual   material


self portrait  2019

early pencil drawing 1973

'old leather chair' 1973

some paintings and drawings

'landscape 58'
'gestures with pink semi-circle'
'five shapes'
'bunch of hands'
'don't give it a name'
'imploding head'
'version 5'
'gesture 13'
'gathering together'
'how when and with whom'
'grey cluster'
'female figure 29'
'type of building'
'figure with white'
'isness as usual'
'gathered entities again'
'landscape 17'
'slow business'
'cotton strips on bitumen'
'pages 4 & 5'
'this is madrid is this'
'landscape material'
'eight of clubs'
'red line'
'tuna slices'
'certainly uncertain'
'Double X'
'no go zone'
'4 de setembro de 1970'
'kill the thought'
'gesture 31'

wesley walters' 1970's portrait of young rw, with old rw in foreground

'now and then' portrait on portrait [photo Carmen Schoenborn Chan]

projected imagery - work directly involving or inspired by collaborations with Simon Fisher

'compressed head'
'young rw on simon'
'old rw'
'happy ecclesiastic'
'ancestor 19' [simon's imagery on rw]
 'high priest' [simon's imagery on rw]
'state of wonder'
'male nude' [ww painting on rw]
'three's a crowd'
'beyond limitation' with max posthoorn
'young rw on old rw' [mark prytz photo]
'male nude 2' [ww painting on rw]
'entanglement' [w Elnaz Sheshgelani]
'smile on the back of your face'
'family snap'
'muitos problemas'
'simon's lot'
'kill the thought 2'
'plastic max'

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landscape and sculpture forms

'follow the line'
'from here to there'
'flatland mask'
ww ashes, reeds and wire
Anabranch tree root
ww ashes, rag, reeds, shells, rocks
voodoo sticks


monoprint A
monoprint B
monoprint C
monoprint D
monoprint E
monoprint F
monoprint G
monoprint H
monoprint I
monoprint J
monoprint K
monoprint L


'a non-ear'
'place it there'
'put it in'

never use these words in public

never use these words 1
never use these words 2
never use these words 3
never use these words 4
never use these words 5
never use these words 6
never use these words 7
never use these words 8
never use these words 9
never use these words 10
never use these words 11
never use these words 12

some works from GAIP artist in residence at the Museum of Innocence Midura, 2016

'bent object'
'projected figure'
'what's left over ?'
'room for lines'
'where was I'
'Life cannot be lived in retrospect'
'supply chain'
'juana clinton objects'

performance imagery      - being added soon  .   .   .


'temporary detritus'
'every body's cross'
'overall brown'
'cocky want to draw ?'
'pink rag'
'mask of skin'
'inner tube'
'rocket lake sketch'
'lake becking burn'
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