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Current: Sound Body Sight

My experience of this Current was one of generosity and expansiveness.

I felt the desire for creating intense experience was the underlying attribute of each work. Each performance had such a distinctive feeling, a unique story, that not only were we mesmerised by the performances we were also mesmerised in between them. Those conversational spaces between set up and performance are equally rich periods of connections and story-telling. For those lucky enough to stay for the day, we came away with a sense that these get-togethers have the capacity for and actually achieve an acceleration of an inter-disciplinary dialect/mode. The communing and efforts to transcend what we know provide a glimpse of endless creative variation and richness, where focussed craft and social improvisation spill and splinter into each other. Open-hearted explorations of boundaries, limitations and acceptability, in a secure context grows relationships of trust. I am inspired to try more things or rethink my practice. So nice to know there are others in this place who are interested in trying stuff out…..


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