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under the circumstances

A note of thanks to all THIS Ensemble participants for fridays event at Cross St.

I am fascinated to see and listen to where this group travels. The tone of the space we created on friday was gentle and attentive, it is really inspiring.

I was so pleased with the ‘enabling strategies and constraints’ that I was tentative about introducing. I am tentative because i do not wish to interfere with the organic evolution of our relationship. But I particularly enjoyed the one minute pauses for emptying the mind. These formulations of stillness provide a visual and experiential counterpoint to the sonic and kinetic intensity. I am also delighted by our adaptability in working with new co-performers and environments (like Clinton's backyard).

Toward the end of our journey I was sitting on the edge of the stage between Adrian and Michael (wearing a string of pearls!). I felt a deep serenity, enlightened and enlivened through the process experienced with friends.

The sensitivity and cooperation untainted by obligation inspires me toward openness.

Gratitude and love to all.

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