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2017 Winter solstice at MIM

A GAIP-related activity took place at the museum of innocence Mildura, June 21, which saw my return after the month residency there in November 2016. It was peculiar seeing the MIM sign still with my name and month displayed so I suggested that might mean a return visit this November!

Domenico deClario was conducting a winter solstice celebration having invited myself and current artist in residence Sharon Jewell to join him for the all night vigil.

As I laid out the contents of the "suitcase of dreams" (as Rebecca Hart anointed it), I was reminded of the soundplay event from last November. To my delight, a few of the participants from that occasion turned up and as the night progressed, began, with some friends also, to take up the objects with much gusto as if old hands at this caper! One gent had even brought along his singing saw, I found their contribution and enthusiasm energising and the participatory zeal gratifying.

I had driven up from Rupanyup that day, stopping at my favourite place the Bronzewing Flora and Fauna reserve and collecting rusted bolts discarded during railway sleeper replacement. Attended a meeting at Midura Art Centre for a survey exhibition of my fathers work planned for 2019 and then straight to MIM for the event, lasting until the following morning. After breakfast headed straight back to Rupanyup without sleep, energised from the creative endeavour, pleasantly surprised at my capacity. This what commitment to the process can give.

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