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rant #10

There is a space that becomes place where the right conditions will allow the performer to utilise the medium in such a way that the maker becomes the made, the host becomes the guest. A doorway through the conscious and physical realities opens without warning via the working process, intolerant of objectification, the unfolding phenomena is revelatory, carrying us with it.

Audience now means co-creative affirmation.

There is no chance for artistic or technical refinement, there is only an improvisatory skill set the sole purpose of which is to facilitate this precise experience being undertaken. All other actions are fumblings and stumblings around the edges to ensure capture or ratification of what is unfolding in the speed of realtime, until surrender to the staggering, intrinsic …. (use whatever adjective personally suits here, the experience is ultimately ungraspable through conception) . . . , a moment or two where the dissolution of everyday consciousness is not chaos but a sublime reconstitution of the same materials into an experience where the relational architecture is of its own making, unique to time, place, conditions and participants.

There may be no mark, no report that this experience ever occurred. But what happens is not to be reduced anyway and cannot be replayed. Any documentation of the performance can represent, can symbolise, can point to, can offer a new experience but will not be what it apparently represents.

The original experience will alter the participant, will linger in the collective unconscious, an amorphous, indefinable, vibratory space where such lived immaterial experience eddies unable to persistently occupy our human functionality.

This kind of experience occurs and is accessible for the willing (perhaps even for the closed) and its illogic and ephemerality counterbalance the brutal demands of the functional, thus mental and physical imbalance is addressed, the whole human and the whole environment admits that which is beyond control and manipulation, existent in a creative space and beyond intentional harm.


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