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the video and audio presented here are selected from various GAIP hosted events


This regular event, unable to proceed as normal due to Coronavirus restrictions, was undertaken locally by individuals on May 19.



Peter Forrester, Clinton Green, Candice Boyd, Juana Beltran, Ren Walters.






Emergence  October 21, 2018.

​Performance of graphic score 'Emergence' by Candice Boyd at Sanatorium Lake Picnic Ground, Mt Macedon, Victoria, Australia.


Video by Candice Boyd






CURRENT 2017/18, Guest curators: Michael McNab & Clinton Green.


Video fragments from CURRENT 17-18 February 2018.


Performers: Juana Beltrán, Georgia Bettens, Jennifer Callaway, Mick Douglas, Matt Faisander, Simon Fisher, Susan Frykberg, Cor Fuhler, Llara Goodall, Dale Gorfinkel, Clinton Green, Martin Kay, Kim Kerze, Cam Love, Scott McConnachie, Derek McCormack, Siobhan McKenna, Michael McNab, Sage Pbbbt, Amaara Raheem, Emma Riches, Allanah Stewart, Erin K. Taylor, Josh Twee, Ren Walters, Giles Warren, Mitchell Welch, Samuel Harnett Welk.

Video by Clinton Green.





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