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THIS Ensemble, 1 August 2014

Dear THIS ensemble,

I am still reeling from THIS Ensemble gig on Friday. I love your commitment and devotion to the process and preparedness to push personal boundaries in a public space. I felt we all were prepared to enter a trance-like condition, coaxing instinct and intuition to the fore. It might sound melodramatic but I think there were some brave acts, along with the hilarious, the vulnerable, the passionate, the ritualistic. I am particularly enjoying the aspect of ritual, that is a space where we can bring any feeling or condition of being to be played out, to be brought to the surface, to be exposed to others within a loving environment where individual process is reinforced by the group, encouraged and protected with a pervasive spirit of good will. Each individual takes full responsibility for their actions consequences as this happens in a context of negotiation, responsiveness and attention to the whole, and whilst being immersed in, whilst forming a pulsing, fluid organism.

For me, the density and complexity of the marketplace was played out not through the aural (my usual mode of experiencing this) but through a combination of all elements, particularly of movement, of physical acts and energetic presence. The dispersal of density/complexity throughout all elements (instead of just the sonic) was a relief to this musician.

Thankyou all.


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