THIS Ensemble, 1 August 2014

THIS Ens 1.08.14.jpg
Dear THIS ensemble,

I am still reeling from THIS Ensemble gig on Friday. I love your commitment and devotion to the process and preparedness to push personal boundaries in a public space. I felt we all were prepared to enter a trance-like condition, coaxing instinct and intuition to the fore. It might sound melodramatic but I think there were some brave acts, along with the hilarious, the vulnerable, the passionate, the ritualistic. I am particularly enjoying the aspect of ritual, that is a space where we can bring any feeling or condition of being to be played out, to be brought to the surface, to be exposed to others within a loving environment where individual process is reinforced by the group, encouraged and protected with a pervasive spirit of good will. Each individual takes full responsibility for their actions consequences as this happens in a context of negotiation, responsiveness and attention to the whole, and whilst being immersed in, whilst forming a pulsing, fluid organism.

For me, the density and complexity of the marketplace was played out not through the aural (my usual mode of experiencing this) but through a combination of all elements, particularly of movement, of physical acts and energetic presence. The dispersal of density/complexity throughout all elements (instead of just the sonic) was a relief to this musician.

Thankyou all.


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I acknowledge that I live and work within, and am a temporary custodian of land that belongs to the Wotjobaluk people. I pay respect and homage to Wotjobaluk elders past and present on behalf of all GAIP participants. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the original inhabitants of the lands we pass through during our performance collaborations and do our utmost to care for these places.