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rant #13

This post does not indeed constitute a "rant" but a plaintive call from one who knows the price of commitment.

This exert is from a piece appearing in the Guardian online news, 26 October, 2022. The author of the quote is Yangyang Cheng, a research scholar at Yale Law School and a particle physicist.

"I remind myself that for a Chinese woman, learning how to read and moving to a foreign country were once revolutionary acts conceived in fugitive spaces. No control is absolute. Power at its most menacing and totalising is also insecure and unsustainable. I hold no illusions about the long night ahead, but each refusal of injustice preserves an opening. Every act of rebellion, however spectacular or humble, is a reclamation of the self and a love letter to a stranger. Across the darkness, another searching gaze catches the flicker, and a sacred bond is cast: I see you. I feel you. We are still here."



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