INTERSECTION6 and Asynchronous energies [rant #8]

An invitation was sent to numerous performers regarding INTERSECTION6, usually held as a group performance at a specific location on May 19, but unable to proceed this year due to the world pandemic restrictions. The alternate proposal was for individuals to instead navigate the concept in their own locale, in their own manner. The idea was simply to offer stimulus to artists’ solidarity and personal creativity. A number of invitees sent apologies that they were ‘unable to attend’, or that it was good to ‘know what I was up to’. Both responses stimulated some thinking for me. I know that email correspondence is fraught, largely due to the volumes of irrelevancy one must wade through and the

earth protects herself

This suffering is inflicted not by God but by humans on themselves and on each other as well as certain defensive measures that the Earth, which is a living, intelligent organism, is going to take to protect herself from the onslaught of human madness. (p187) Eckhardt Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’.

rant #7 [ramble]

The “SPACE of ren walters I record a few thoughts around “space” that came to me: Some days ago, on my walk through the flatland plains of wheat and barley crops I was forcefully reminded of how the distant horizon line, the chiseled outline of a distant mountain range, always comes with it a sense of imagining, perhaps even dreaming. The physical and perceptual experience of a large, expansive space, even if just a brief glimpse, directly correlates with opening and expanding my imaginative faculty and is felt as a generic stimulation of the ‘creative gland’. Immediately, creative possibilities proliferate, a problem is solved or clarified, or there is a general sense of processing intensif

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I acknowledge that I live and work within, and am a temporary custodian of land that belongs to the Wotjobaluk people. I pay respect and homage to Wotjobaluk elders past and present on behalf of all GAIP participants. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the original inhabitants of the lands we pass through during our performance collaborations and do our utmost to care for these places.