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no time no place no space

A response to an Arts organisation's proposal;

"Time_Place_Space is Arts House's mobile art laboratory, where artists join minds for a 10-day research-based residency."

my perception of the social milieu in which I participate notices we allow ourselves diminishing durations of time for any experience, that the place in which this may occur is largely irrelevant, that the space whereby an experience is fostered or even permitted to occur has deteriorated in its 'spacious' quality. This is not to postulate a fall from an ideal, rather to trace a movement toward, a directionality of sorts.

The declaration of time-place-space for creativity means its absence must be felt.

When I begin to question what, how, why that is, I find a much more intriguing proposition.

That is, stating no time, no place and no space configures these concepts in a way that ramps up the stakes of what they might imply - for creativity, for living. An intensification occurs, a challenge is laid down to the reader; is this you, is this how you live, is this what you want ?, etc.

Time_Place_Space is partnered by inference with noTime_noPlace_noSpace. Or/and that these conditions as till now understood and lived have, in general, altered enough to be noticed, particularly, in how to carry on living with diminishment, suffocation, shrinking to smaller and smaller scales.

But there is another dimension of 'no time _ no place _ no space' that I find motivating and inspirational.

In negating these conceptions of qualities-of-being within which life is lived, i find a sense of intensity of presence to the now of ongoingness that demands a destruction of the concept used to describe the phenomenon that we experience primarily, before conceptualisation. In thoroughly being in the place, what comes forth is the immediate relation I have with all that dwells and has dwelled here. Yes, the uniqueness of place is felt, but place becomes living relationality. Place, space and time are being relegated to the concepts they are and something else is taking place, taking time, taking space.

This is radical in its simplicity and revolutionary in its movement-through, thereby in its transformation of concept into gateway for such an experience to happen. The actions, if taken, redress a growing imbalance where socially-agreed concepts have themselves become trapped by polarity harbouring a kind of cyclic paradoxical complexity.

Not that time does not exist, but that its conception is not used as circumscribing device, that delimits, that even colonises the creativity, or the living.

We dwell in a time of expectant and incessant voracious appetite. The machines we have created and the value-systems we propagate demand to be fed. The cost of the feeding is defining "us" and our context that sustains all.

In choosing, in struggling to cultivate such an action as moving-though-into, as moving-through time into an alternative experience of time, of place, of space; there exists a possibility of direct action, direct communing, direct interwoven creativity, direct and strong political action and a living that does not wholly depend upon an acquiescing to the pervasive power-values. That can nonetheless be taken quietly/noisily, privately/publicly, covertly/overtly, personally/socially.

It may just be possible if only for brief moments in an opportune space or place.

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