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On Saturday January 19 at museum of innocence mildura Carmen Chan Schoenborn and Ren Walters performed together in the main gallery space in amongst the in-studio component of Wesley Walters exhibition, curated by Domenico de Clario "Wes Walters: The Art of the Pre-cursor". The more formal exhibit runs concurrently at the Mildura Art Centre until Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Carmen and Ren had not performed together for almost 2 years, one of the last performances together was given as part of THIS Ensemble and part of Ren's artist-in-residence at MIM in 2017.

Carmens performances on that occasion were marked by the announcement of a pregnancy (expecting her third child). In the most natural way her condition noticeably modulated her performances, but perhaps most powerfully a few hours after she had announced her pregnancy the group were conducting a ritual at the site of Ren's fathers ashes, this time time with the remains of his mother. To have Carmen as the embodiment of birth and renewal amongst the casting of human dust to the desert breeze, the dispersal of the once solid human form to the spirit carried by the winds, was an extraordinary convergence.

So the memory of this filtered through into the January 19 performance which organically moved around 2 stations of percussive instruments and one of guitar and piano. The gesture and movement arising and the sonic manipulations flowed so easily that both performers and the few dedicated souls present were deeply gratified by the reunion.

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