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THIS Ensemble at mim

THIS Ensemble performed on January 26 at museum of innocence mildura in the main gallery space in amongst the in-studio component of Wesley Walters exhibition, curated by Domenico de Clario "Wes Walters: The Art of the Pre-cursor". The more formal exhibit runs concurrently at the Mildura Art Centre until Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Performing were Michael McNab, Ren Walters, Candice Boyd, Troy Rainbow and Max Posthoorn.

Ren was functioning as a mim artist-in-residence and was working on a long painting, begun at his previous mim residency, on the floor and taking up the length of one wall. This work had begun in the early afternoon and acted as a reference point for other activities. Michael began an extended low level sounding.

Max had been very inspired by Wes's work and had begun to work visually on the floor soon to be joined by Candice. Whilst Troy and Michael began erecting sonic/sculptural/light/material constructions throughout the space.

There was certainly a sense of organic movement, sounding and conversation that could be understood as preparation for performance or indeed performance already underway for participants and audience alike.

The scheduled start time for the event was 8:00 pm. but it felt as if it had been underway all afternoon. By the time the first guest for the 'official performance' appeared just before 8:00 most of us were dispersed, resting or deeply engrossed in our activity. Sadly, the first guest was perplexed by the goings-on and lack of formality and was possibly dissatisfied by the explanation given as to the nature of our work. Or perhaps he had just had enough and left a short time later. Some other guests eventually came and found themselves joining in.

By evening, the performance had begun to become more animated.

The visitation from a very curious onlooker marked an upturn in the intensity of proceedings and his direct participation really made for a memorable event.

I had to admit to feeling exhausted but exhilarated by the days work. Late in the evening we migrated outside to a what was perhaps once a used car lot with Max and Troy continuing to drape their bodies in unusual locations and positions. Some complaints received by the local constabulary were dismissed quickly as unnecessarily alarmist and we concluded the evening in a most satisfying fashion.

As a GAIP representative and AIR at museum of innocence I sincerely thank Domenico, Rach and Cathryn for their support and generosity in allowing us to utilise the space. Yet another memorable event. Hopefully we cleaned up satisfactorily! Ren Walters.

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